Time for Families

Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies

November 26th, 2018

The researcher, He Jiankui, offered no evidence or data to back up his assertions.

Dutch Clinics to Start Offering Surrogacy to Gay Couples

November 20th, 2018

Gay couples who want to have a child through a surrogate mother can do so at Dutch clinics from next year, according to a survey by television program De Monitor.

Can a Fired Transgender Worker Sue for Job Discrimination?

November 12th, 2018

In 2013, a funeral director who had been known as Anthony Stephens wrote to colleagues at a Michigan funeral home, asking for patience and support.

In Scottish schools, students will be required to learn about LGBTI history

November 10th, 2018

Just 18 years ago, it was still illegal in Scotland to “intentionally promote homosexuality” in schools.

A Democratic House, Nation’s First Gay Governor

November 8th, 2018

Control of Congress now split; LGBTQ community makes impressive strides On a night when the Democratic Party achieved a net gain of somewhere between 30 and 35 seats in the US House of Representatives, wresting control from the Republicans and finally putting some check on President Donald Trump, the LGBTQ community enjoyed key victories, includingRead Full Story »

Single Gay Fathers, Going It Alone

October 30th, 2018

As the traditional concept of family continues to evolve, single gay fathering having children through surrogacy are beginning to emerge.

Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence

October 21st, 2018

The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet in a governmentwide effort to roll back recognition and protections of transgender people under federal civil rights law.

Trans Folks Want Babies Too

October 18th, 2018

Parenting isn’t only meant for cisgender people.

They were a gay, interracial couple in an age of relentless bigotry. The two Harolds didn’t flinch.

October 18th, 2018

Estate agent Verna Clayborne takes a seat in the dining room of an expansive 16th Street Heights home and sighs.


October 17th, 2018

Why a Birth Certificate Alone Is Not Sufficient Protection for Your Legal Parentage Rights A common misconception among LGBT parents is that being listed as a parent on a birth certificate is all that is needed to establish one’s legal parentage to their child.